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Date: October 10, 2010 3:46:36 PM GMT-04:00
Subject: Urgent Flyer
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Please respond as quickly as possible.

On October 4th the Traverse City City Commission approved an ordinance binding on city residents, landlords, and businesses, to make illegal almost any discrimination on the basis of  Homosexual Orientation.  The attached petition will force the City Commission to allow City voters to decide this issue at the polls rather than a decision by the City Commissioners themselves.

If you are a city resident, please let us know if you will sign or circulate this petition.   If not a resident, please consider asking someone you know who lives and votes in Traverse City to circulate and sign the petition within their family/church/social group/door to door  in Traverse City.  You must be a city resident to circulate and/or sign this petition. If we get 482 valid signatures by October 20, the ordinance will not go into effect until a public vote decides the issue. If it takes longer than October 20 to get the signatures, the ordinance will go into effect until it gets voted down by the voters. Do Not make copies of this petition.  Variances in printers, paper size, etc. May disqualify it as a valid petition. 

For printed petition forms or to return a signed petition please contact:
Mike Mulcahy          231-620-4449        mike.mulcahy7@gmail.Com
Matt Schoech          231-883-5491        kingsleyphoenix@Hotmail.Com
Martha Ahluwalia     231-941-9373        marthamulcahy@AOL.Com
Paul Nepote          231-944-8749