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Bully Incident Reporting
by Bradley Evans | Opinion

Young Jerry Marek showed tremendous courage to stand up and talk about the bullying he’s endured. I congratulate the Record-Eagle on reporting on this important issue.

According to data Traverse City Area Public Schools submitted to the state, there were 202 instances of bullying per 9,980 students in 2009-2010. That’s 2 percent annually. Port Huron, a school district with a pervasive bullying problem, reports 2.6 percent.

The 2 percent rate assumes complete reporting, which is not the case. I didn’t find out about all the bullying my son went through at West Junior and Senior High until after he was graduated. Concerning what for me was a dismaying realization, Jerry’s dad more kindly comments, “It’s easy to turn a blind eye.” Students, teachers, and principals witness bullying or its aftermath, and don’t report.

What’s the problem? People aren’t familiar with bullying and don’t know how to report. It’s district policy that someone fills out a Harassment Report Form ( dV8huq, page 6). I don’t think students, teachers, and principals know about the policy, where to get the form or where to turn it in. Whoever explained the policy to your paper didn’t mention the form. I suspect the policy is for show.

If one looks at the complete process that a parent with a bullied child would like, it is this: People understand what bullying is and is not; people know how to report; reporting is stupidly simple; the bullying behavior is identified and understood; and bullying is stopped.

The problem with the proposed district policy is that, by mandating severe penalties for bullies, it will further discourage reporting. The end result may be a policy that protects the school district from troublesome lawsuits and decreases bullying reports, which may make school officials and the board happy, but the actual bullying rate may increase.

Because school officials and the Board of Education represent the district and want to present their schools in the best possible light, they have a conflict of interest and are therefore biased. It is not too cynical to say that the purpose of their antibullying policies is not to decrease actual bullying, but to appear to reduce bullying rates, to reduce chances of lawsuits, to look better in state reports, to fulfill legislative mandates — in short, anything but reducing actual bullying.

Parents and students have to take the lead in addressing this problem. My recommendation is to concentrate on education and reporting. Just improving these two steps might decrease the rate of actual bullying.

My concept of a simple reporting system would be an independent website where a person could quickly report a bullying event in as much detail as the person wanted. I don’t know if school officials, the board, or the state would find this acceptable or interesting, but I am sure that, if they didn’t, Record-Eagle readers and elected legislators would.

About the author: Bradley Evans is a physician in private practice in the Traverse City area.

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