TC Equality
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Shall Chapter 605 of the Traverse City Code of Ordinances, entitled Non-Discrimination, which does the following, with certain exceptions:

  1. Prohibits specified discriminatory practices in housing, public accommodation, and employment,

  2. Prohibits discriminatory policies and advertisements,

  3. Prohibits retaliation against a person for making a complaint or assisting in an investigation under the Chapter,

  4. Prohibits conspiring to discriminate,

  5. Requires non-discrimination by city contractors, and

  6. Sets forth remedies and penalties for violations of the Chapter,

remain in effect?




Traverse City Polling Places

Precinct 1 -- Fire Station No. 1, 500 W. Front Street
Precinct 3 -- Grand Traverse Heritage Center, 322 Sixth St.
Precinct 4 -- Traverse City Housing Commission (Orchard View) 10200 East Carter Centre (Leelanau County)
Precinct 7 -- Traverse Heights Elementary School, 933 Rose Street
Precinct 8 -- Civic Center, 1125 W. Civic Center Drive
Precinct 9 -- Eastern Elementary School, 1600 Eastern Avenue
Precinct 10 -- Glenn Loomis School, 1009 Oak Street entrance
Precinct 11 -- Absent Voter Counting Board, Governmental Center


The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Traverse City Election Information:

Kindly vote “Yes” in order to protect equal opportunity for all in Traverse City
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