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Bottler says it would not harm spring
The chief concern, which is loudly echoed by environmentalists, is that a bottling operation would intercept water from the warm springs that are vital for manatees during the winter.
Reclaimed mine is not as safe as once thought
The Tenoroc Fish Management Area in Polk County may be a horror story ... the land tainted by high levels of radioactive compounds and toxic metals such as arsenic and lead, according to a federal study.
Deal To Fix Pollution System Keeps Phosphate Plant Open...for now
One of Hillsborough County's oldest phosphate processing plants is facing a possible shutdown over air pollution violations.
Phosphate plants under close eye
It's not like you can padlock the doors and walk away. Ponds full of 1.5 billion gallons of acid and three mountains of radioactive waste mean you just can't shut off the machinery and turn out the lights.
Alafia River State Park is a Toxic Superfund Site
After examining environmental samples, the Environmental Protection Agency web site indicates that the Superfund level classification is necessary for the region surrounding Brewster Phosphates / Lonesome Mine.
Concern Flows over Shipping Water out of County
Zephyrhills/Perrier IS buying up property along State Highway 6, west of Blue Springs. "We plan to put a water collection point on this land". The Perrier Company also has options to buy approximately 20 acres "further up the road," on Highway 6, where they plan to build a truck loading station.
Probably the biggest threat to Florida Springs is the water miner, Perrier/Nestle
One of the best dive training areas was Crystal Springs in Zephyrhills, Florida. Great for O/W pool sessions this 12' deep spring had fish and other fresh water creatures to play with while working on diving skills. That all ended when Perrier/Nestle bought the springs to pump out their product Zephyrhills Water
Crystal Springs Has Murky Past
Included in the advertising was the promise that landowners would have perpetual access to the springs with their purchase.
Water Deal Puts Larger Tap On Crystal Springs
Tanker trucks carrying thousands of gallons of well water are rumbling from Dade City to Crystal Springs and dumping it into the headwaters of the Hillsborough River.
Perrier Thirsts For A New Spring
In a city of 8,000, the biggest employer in town can often have its way with one threat: Give us what we need, or we leave.
"Smell of dead fish punctuates water pumping debate"
Wolfe and others pleaded with water managers to stop permitting increased withdrawals from Florida's water resources at a time when longtime residents are being asked to conserve.
Springs Owner Is Denied Entry To Activist Group
If you can't beat them, join them. That's what millionaire Robert Thomas attempted Saturday outside a Walgreen's in Zephyrhills when he paid $5 to join the non-profit group Save Our Springs Inc. But it didn't work out the way he hoped.
Spring Owner, Protesters Face Off
Protesters chose the anniversary of D-Day to launch their latest assault against fortress Perrier.
Mayor Gives Boost To Springs Owner
Mayor Dick Greco wants to find a way to let a longtime Tampa family sell substantially more water to the bottled water company Perrier, a prospect his own staff has said might cost the city as much as $7-million.
Not As Green As It Sounds
The Greenways Task Force is venturing far into the policy field, almost by default. Commissioners have become complacent, even defensive, about the group's potential for conflict. This year, the group will play a prominent role in two key decisions facing local government: whether to purchase development rights to property along the Hillsborough-Pasco county line, and whether to allow a private company to pump more water from Crystal Springs, which feeds the city of Tampa's drinking water supply.
Invitation Open, But Gate Shut
The main gates to the preserve on Crystal Springs Road remained locked Wednesday. A sign read, "Do not enter on this land... Violators will be prosecuted."
When Perrier Came, The Water Left
Perrier began pumping and trucking about 80,000 gallons a day. Four days after the pumping began, something happened Sipriano flushed his toilet and his water whooshed away for good.
Spring Owner Withholds Study
Rancher Robert Thomas, who is seeking approval to sell millions of gallons of water a day to Perrier, said "We are in the ranching business ... We are not set up to disseminate information."
Swiftmud Asks For Perrier Plan Data
Perrier's request to siphon millions more gallons of water from Crystal Springs has hit another clog.
Swiftmud: Perrier Too Thirsty
A bottled water giant seeking to increase pumping here is opposed by the regional water district staff.
Water Rush Is On - Bottlers Grabbing Up Land 





Nestle draws fire for plans to pump more water from North Florida springs
12.02.10 | Citizens in North Florida are gearing up for what many foresee as a drawn-out battle with Nestle Waters North America, the country’s largest water bottler, which recently completed test wells in Jefferson County as part of its process to determine whether to apply for a permit to begin withdrawing spring water from sites along the Wacissa River. If approved, the Nestle load station will serve as a supplemental water source, drawing approximately 400,000 gallons per day that will be transported 40 miles via tanker trucks to Nestle’s Madison Blue Springs bottling facility.

Protection of Everglades suffers another setback
Florida's wetlands aren't vanishing quite fast enough for marauding developers, and the politicians they own are faithfully working to castrate the regulatory process. The state recently passed a law -- written by a lobbyist for a builder's group -- that would make it easier to drain and pave smaller marshes and swamps.

The water management district moves closer to a key test for future water storage.
South Florida water managers agreed to complete a well that will store water from the Hillsboro Canal 1,225 feet underground. It was a prudent move, given the project's importance to the Florida Everglades. It had better work. The bulk of the government's $8.4 billion effort to restore the Everglades relies on the success of 333 such wells.

Honeywell Pollutes Tampa Water
My name is James VanLandingham, and I'm working on a campaign to pressure a large defense contractor to clean up 40 years of toxic waste spilled illegally and secretly at a large Tampa property near Raymond James Stadium. The Honeywell Corporation, which has a proven record of polluting sites near their plants and concealing dangerous toxic spills.

Coronet Industries closed!
A Bay area plant that's been at the center of controversy announced Friday it will close its doors for good. [Will the public get stuck with the cost of cleanup?]

Coronet Announces Closure / Bankruptcy
Coronet Industries, a fixture in the community for nearly 100 years, is closing its doors March 31 as it faces multimillion dollar environmental problems. State officials have expressed concern that plant might close and be abandoned like the Piney Point phosphate plant in Manatee County, leaving taxpayers with an expensive cleanup bill.

Despite the Hype, Bottled Water is Neither Cleaner nor Greener than Tap Water
In Florida, Nestlé has angered many people, including the group Save Our Springs, when it took over Crystal Spring, which is near Tampa. The company fenced out the public, which had enjoyed the water for generations. After five years of bottling operations, the spring level has dropped. Some officals are worried, since the spring feeds the source of Tampa's water. Nestlé blames the change on dry spells and local development. Save Our Springs President Terri Wolfe states, "The poor people whose wells run dry because of [bottlers] can't afford that water."

1903: Mining engineer C.G. Memminger and real estate broker E.C. Stuart establish Coronet Phosphate Co. after discovering phosphate deposits in eastern Hillsborough County. The phosphate plant and Coronet Village, housing for employees, are built.
1940: Coronet begins production of chicken and livestock food supplements.
1946: A phosphate defluorinating plant is constructed.
1952: Coronet is purchased by the Smith-Douglass Co. and both companies are purchased by The Borden Co. in 1964. Amax Chemical Co. subsequently takes over Coronet in 1980.
1986: A division of Florida Crushed Stone, Consolidated Minerals Inc., takes ownership of Coronet
1993: Consolidated Minerals Inc. is purchased by Mitsui & Co. Ltd. of Tokyo and Onoda Chemical Industry Co., a subsidiary of Onoda Cement Co. Of Yamaguchi, Japan. The business operates as Coronet Industries Inc.

A Closer Look At Coronet Industries
Residents of a neighborhood northwest of Coronet Industries and a community east of the plant sought help from the federal government in researching what they say is a high rate of cancer and other illnesses, which some people say might be associated with pollutants from the plant or old landfills in the area.

Coronet Says Tests Don't Back Accusation
Coronet doesn't necessarily deny that pollution from its phosphate processing plant has leached underground and into neighbors' wells.

Coronet Industries Warning Ignored In 2001
Two years ago, federal officials sent a letter to state environmental regulators, warning of potential health risks posed by a phosphate processor.

Toxic Waste Charges Probed At Coronet
As health officials formulate a strategy for testing wells near Coronet Industries, a sheriff's officer says deputies are making it a priority to investigate criminal allegations against the phosphate processor.

Investigators To Test Wells Around Coronet
PAs residents next to Coronet Industries continue to voice concerns over cancer and other illnesses,

What Lies Beneath
Carl Crowell isn't sure what caused his prostate cancer, and he can't say why many of his neighbors have been stricken with other forms of the disease.

Impeach Suwannee River Water Management District
Sep 2003 Florida Trend — Residents feel that Madision County gave away the farm to lure Nestle's water bottling factory.

Save Blue Grotto
I am a citizen of Levy County, residing in Williston. I am concerned because the owner(s) of a spring-fed diving facility, called Blue Grotto, are trying to have the property re-zoned from residential to commercial. If Blue Grotto is zoned commercial, the owner(s) will be able to sell the area's millions of gallons of valuable water to bottling companies.

Crystal Springs Nature Center?
Construction of a long-promised nature center has begun at the site of a once-popular swimming hole. Robert Thomas, who owns Crystal Springs, has talked about opening the nature center since he closed the swimming hole in 1996 to the dismay of many residents. Terri Wolfe of Save Our Springs doubts Thomas' motives for creating an education center, saying he's only doing it to look better in the eyes of the officials who issue permits to pump more water. Many residents were outraged when Thomas then applied for a permit to take more water - in excess of 1 million gallons a day - from the spring, fearing it would dry up lakes and damage wetlands. [NOTE: 23-Dec-2004 — The nature center has been completed and is now open for tours]

Plant City acts to block pumping by Robert Thomas
The water district, commonly known as Swiftmud, had denied Plant City's requests to pump water from the springs-fed Hillsborough River, citing environmental concerns.

Offer of Free Land for USF Holds Uncertain Extra Costs
July 2003 Tampa Tribune — The University has been offered five free sites in Polk for a campus it hopes to build in three to five years. But the University will face spending millions of dollars at each of the five places because of concerns including unstable soil...

Agenda: Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund
DEP is proposing amendments to chapter 18-21, F.A.C., Sovereignty Submerged Lands Management, adding "Standards and Criteria for Activities at Sovereignty Springs" for the protection of state-owned springs and spring runs. This meeting of the Board of Trustees serves as the final adoption hearing on the proposed rule, as attached. If adopted, staff will file the rule with the Department of State and the rule will become effective twenty days from that filing.

Water district scrambles to solve Ranches' water loss
Late last month, several Rustic Ranches homeowners watched water in their ponds drop more than three feet in less than 24 hours. The following day, several discovered they had no drinking water. The cause...

Coronet Warning Ignored
Two years ago, federal officials sent a letter to state environmental regulators, warning of potential health risks posed by a phosphate processor (arsenic, lead, cadmium, chromium, gross alpha radiation and fluoride are among the potentially harmful substances). In spite of the potential severe health risks to area residents, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has never shared the letter with residents.

Official Urges Coronet Probe
A top environmental official wants a criminal investigation into allegations that Coronet Industries employees were ordered by the phosphate processor to dump toxic waste and deceive government inspectors. Arsenic, lead, cadmium, chromium, gross alpha radiation and fluoride were among the potentially harmful substances found in levels exceeding state and federal guidelines on Coronet property.

Wastewater headed to gulf : Bending the Rules at Piney Point
The wastewater has changed Bishop Harbor in Manatee County in the southeastern part of Tampa Bay. In October 2002, DEP began dumping an average of 2-million gallons a day of the treated wastewater into the harbor. Six months later, DEP consultants noticed "an increased abundance" of brown algae in the harbor.

Site safe for contamination storage?
The Stauffer plant processed phosphate ore into elemental phosphorus from 1947 to 1981. The site was put on EPA's Superfund list in 1994 after officials found high levels of arsenic, lead and radium-226, as well as other contaminants known to or suspected of causing lung cancer.

Madison Blues
Nestle rolls on in Madison, the $1.3 million grant from Enterprise Florida set for their road and the factory walls rising on the 200 acres close to Madison Blue Springs. Two items I hope you learn more about:

1. A class action suit against Nestle for drawing polluted water for its Poland Springs brand was in the news two days ago. I caught the gist of it and think it is by the people of Poland Springs, PA. Other recent news was that the townspeople's water source went dry and the Nestle source was still bountiful and probably available to help out. The suit may be part of a fight over Nestlé's price for the water for the town -- or it may be a real cause.

2. A cabinet level meeting in Tallahassee last week considered ruling that water bottling companies could mine water on public lands. This is going on at more than one state park although the bore well may be on private land close to the spring as in Madison. The Sierra Club and Nature Conservancy had observers attending who will also attend the meeting in August when the matter will be taken up for action. They can use testimony from affected citizens.

Best, removal of David Struhs from Department of Environmental Protection is a target of Sierra Club and I am asking people to join in the effort. Building business is more important to his group than protecting the environment. (Report by Marianne)

North Port, Florida has approved the annexation of Warm Mineral Springs?
The City of North Port (Sarasota County) approved the rezoning of the Warm Mineral Springs property to allow the development of 200+ condos/villas plus 'estate home sites'? The developer/owner of Warm Mineral Springs, Golden Springs, LLC within the next six months will be getting permits to build the condos, homes and health center? Included will be outdoor 1/2 acre "mineral pools", indoor mineral pools, and each villa/home's Jacuzzi/hot-tub will be provided with "fresh mineral water" either tanked or pumped from the springs. Also, they will be processing/selling "bath salts" made from the spring's water? All of this is in the marketing brochure that Golden Springs, LLC is using to "pre-sell" the condos/home sites. ...Story Developing (Jon P)

State hopes to dump radioactive waste in gulf
Hoping to avert a land based environmental catastrophe, state officials want to take the unprecedented step of removing millions of gallons of polluted water from an aging phosphate plant and dumping it into the Gulf of Mexico. The dumping could begin as close as 50 miles off St. Pete Beach, a top official of Gov. Jeb Bush's administration told state legislators on Friday

The dredging of Itchitucknee Springs
I discovered it WAS Jim Stevenson [the leader of the "Springs Task Farce”] that approved the dredging of Itchitucknee Springs last week. No one knows how he got the power to say go ahead and dredge without DOS approval. According to the Park Manager, there were many artifacts visible in the piles of sand and dirt that was removed. They used a bucket not a suction dredge. I feel sick ... I can only imagine this historical rape ... Ah yes, cultural resources management by DEP ..... Call the police! Where are the Historical people!

A four winged dinosaur skeleton was discovered a couple weeks ago, what undiscovered creatures were destroyed?

Suwanee County Visioning Committee Gives Nestlé Waters a Special Exception for Water Bottling Factory

  • © 28 January 2003 I.N.S. News Feed
    LIVE OAK - The Suwannee County Visioning Committee set up by the county commission to make recommendations concerning the comprehensive land use plan tried to have a January meeting Monday night. However, the committee had only a small portion of its members there and little constructive business was done. The problem seems to be lack of communication among the many groups that are involved in the complex task of setting long-range goals and guidelines for the county. The next meeting is on hold until confusion over which county comprehensive plan is currently active has been cleared up. Then the Regional Planning Council representatives will be asked to come and act in the capacity of the contract planner so the Visioning Committee can continue with its assigned task.
  • © 28 January 2003 I.N.S. News Feed
    MADISON - The Madison County Commission approved a special exception for Nestle Waters of North America to construct a multi-million dollar bottled water processing plant. The corporation asked for the special exception as allowed in the county's comprehensive plan as a resource based business. During the 2 hour public hearing Tuesday night, both sides were able to present their positions. Nestle's said the plant is designed to be environmentally friendly, will pay for the access road to the plant and pay for improvements needed on SR-6, the main road leading to the proposed facility. In addition, Nestle officials said they are willing to work out arrangements to replace wells of nearby residents who fear the withdrawal of large amounts of water will effect their wells. Those opposing Nestlé's location at Blue Springs said it would lower property values, increase noise and traffic in their quiet neighborhood as well as have a negative impact on one of Madison¹s natural wonders.
  • © 30 January 2003 I.N.S. News Feed
  • MADISON - When the Madison County Commission acted as a planning board by giving the Nestles water bottling company a special exception, a major stumbling block was removed. However, Nestles plans to build a $60 to $80 million processing plant and warehouse to bottle water from Blue Springs in the NE part of Madison County could be crushed by the Suwannee River Water Management's action to start the process to revoke a water withdrawal permit issued over 2 years ago. The water district has various concerns about the proposed plant and its operation that could remove up to 1.5 million gallons of Blue Spring's water each day and what effect that would have on the total over all water system of the area. Discussion between the district and Nestles experts deal with possible withdrawal restrictions during time of drought and the issue of water quality of the springs during time of drought and flooding. Another issue is transporting water from one water district to another as prohibited by law.
  • LIVE OAK - Next Tuesday's meeting of the Suwannee County Commission will have several items that will deal with planning and economic issues. The town of White Springs is asking for the board's support to extend services to the I-75 and CR-136 interchange. White Springs is applying for a state grant to construct a wastewater collection system. In other similar business, the board will consider sending Commissioner Jerry Poole the the Mid-American Truck Show in Louisville, Ky. in March. His mission will be to obtain information for possible truck terminals to locate here. The board will most likely approve adding Branford and the Suwannee County School Board to the city/county relations committee and they will set a date to hold a workshop with the county recreation director to discuss park and recreation issues. (Hot Press Release from John Koch in N. Fl. To subscribe email John at THANKS JOHN!)

And now a message from a popular magazine
It never ends! Now Thomas is writing the editor for a retraction. We won’t budge. Our editor says sorry if you are upset and they can write in to our mailbag. But there is nothing factually wrong. Perrier and Thomas are VERY upset."

I made Thomas famous , I included him in my hour documentary aired in Japan , my story in Mother Jones , my feature in La GACETA, and People magazine plus numerous others, he should be grateful after all I didn't hog the limelight I shared it with Nestle, Perrier , Zephyrhills Bottled Water & Robert Thomas , hey that's free advertising! I was just being fair.

This just came in can anyone help?
Terri, it's Silver Springs. A local lawyer who owns property across SR 40 from Silver Springs attraction received a permit to pump 100,000 gallons/day from a well there. His original application mentioned 2/3 of the water would be for bottling and the rest would operate a 660-seat restaurant and microbrewery. The application was later amended to reflect it was solely for bottled water. St Johns approved it. Then when it appeared the guy might be a witness in the county's action to stop it, he was forced to hire another lawyer. He hired Wayne Flowers of Jacksonville, who I understand was St Johns's former general counsel. The Perrier thing at this point is just a rumor that I'm trying to confirm. That's why I was curious if you or anyone in your group had heard of him. Anyone know the answers?

Here is another request
Hey Terri. Don't know if you are reading Madison newspaper still, but we are still struggling down here with the water boys. Nestle etc. had their " permit" revocation "begun" on blue Springs. Doubt this will do anything really. They will just reapply. I went to meeting last week for Lee Citizens and really made Meg Andronaco mad. Asked the bad questions. She said she didn't know of any "lawsuits". I had a few quotes-(Sipriano etc.) but wonder if you have a comprehensive list? If so, I'd love to have it. I also asked about their "guarantee" that if anyone's well went dry that Nestle would pay for new one etc., I suggested the "proof" of Nestle being the cause might be impossible. I think I opened some eyes, but Meg was still saying that wasn't so. Said they had never had wells go dry, but if any did, they would of course pay to drill new one. Have you got any info to counter this, definite cases-or what type "proof" would be enough? Oh, I bought the People Mag with your story!!! Bravo. Hope to hear back from you soon. Oh, Nestle is bringing a bus of Madison (maybe me to) to see the Zephryhills plant. they did one earlier, but didn't tell me! Probably 27th January? but not firm on date. Be a good time to hand out some brochures, maybe? (if you do that type thing) Well, Good luck with all. Hope to hear back from you soon. Jackie

Here you go Jackie, right out of the Perrier/Nestle Public Relations spokespeople's mouths.
Lauren Cargill "If you own the land you own the water, you can take what you want regardless of your neighbor."

Spoken when Perrier won the Texas lawsuit due to 100 year law of capture, it was with in Texas law to dry thy neighbors well.

I have a video of the Texas hydrologist stating Perrier was guilty of drying Bart’s well. Cargill was gloating with victory.

The town’s people raised 10,000 to dig Bart a new well. Perrier did not pay one cent.

Ron Bounds “Just wasted water dumping into the Gulf of Mexico".

Ron Bounds "If you own the land you own the water, its just free enterprise.

Ron Bounds “If the company can’t meet its demands in Fl. it might move to Alabama or Georgia."

Ron Bounds "This is nothing compared to the 65 million Tampa gulps.”

Ron Bounds "If the company left tomorrow the spring would throw that amount of water down the river.”

Jane Larzgin" Springs are living things and they change" after Perrier took so much water from Tonkawa springs it turned brown and Perrier terminated the 99 year contract.

Robert Thomas "Our relationship with Pasco County is Hunky Dory"

Members and Friends

I feel I should explain to all of you the reason for Save Our Springs Inc. lack of participation in the annual Springs Task Force Event. [This group is paid with our tax money to protect public interest of our springs]

I emailed the DEP in Tallahassee for date, time, agenda etc. as I was planning to set up a table as I do at USF Earth Day and Hillsborough County Earth Day. This event would be extra special as the children had permission to attend and help with the Save Our Springs table and they were so excited.

I was shocked and angered with the extraordinary cost and the anger turned to disbelief when I noticed the main sponsor was NESTLE!

  • To sponsor the Springs Task Force event Save Our Springs Inc. must pay $3,500.00
  • To set up a table at the Springs Task Force event Save Our Springs Inc. must pay $250.00
  • To attend the Springs Task Force event one will be charged $70.00 per day and includes a trip to Damone water bottling facility.

Save Our Springs Inc. is made mostly of seniors and children, the seniors have memories of their springs and do not approve of being locked out of their favorite picnic and swimming areas. The kids are determined to work hard to "keep their springs clean and open for swimming and beauty to make future memories, but most of all to have fun days. Both groups are VIP here at SOS. So many good organizations charge an average of $25.00 to be a member and so many are left out because of lack of funds. Therefore Save Our Springs Inc. charges $5.00 to join and Children and seniors have a special price of one cent. [I sleep well knowing no good person is left out due to lack of funds].

I am proud to announce we are quite successful with our policy of "making our elected officials work for the public instead of private interest”, just as our tax dollars pay them to do. Or at least we thought we were.

A few of the children were planning to attend the Springs Task Force big event, they were so excited. I found it quite hard to let them down when I had to explain the astronomical cost to participate in this annual event. They made me so proud I had tears when they said "It's ok Ms. Wolfe we will just wait and go with you to Earth Day at Lowery Park " but why are they charging so much money?" and why are they taking a trip to the water bottlers?" The bottlers are the ones closing our springs and pumping our public water, why would they do this? Aren’t they the ones that are supposed to be helping us to save our springs? I got chills as I recalled those words, the first time I met Mr. John Parker of South West Florida Water Management District I spoke these words to him "but I thought you were the ones supposed to protect us".

I told the children Nestle was the main sponsor of the Springs Task Force meeting, they became very angry, and here are a few comments .... "they are fake!" ..... “I hate them!"... "Tell Governor Bush! He will fire them!" .... "I never want to go there!".... they stink!"......."I'm telling everyone I know that Task Force is bad".... "POOP! that's what they are! Just POOP!" ... "Task Farce! that's what they are!"...

Wow I couldn't have said it better myself. Look for the Save Our Springs kids at Earth Day this year, most are elementary school kids, innocent and trusting, I am sure you will find their dedication and honesty refreshing.

Now for the rest of the story...

The Florida Springs Conference is presented and coordinated by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Nestle' Waters is one of several corporations and organizations that are sponsors of the conference. Funding provided by sponsors is being used to pay for breaks, continental breakfasts, and the reception. You can register at

Nestle is the only sponsor listed (see complete agenda below). This is the way the game is played these days. The monied interests sponsor seemingly good hearted come together events. They hand out freebies. They advertise that they have met with 1,000 Friends, etc. Then how can you possibly say they don't care about the resource?

Interestingly, everytime the governor organized a study group, task force or some such temporary body of "volunteers," there is overwhelming representation by the regulated (or potentially regulated parties).

Agenda items

  • Florida Springs Visitors: An Analysis of Selected Socio-Demographic, Economic and Behavioral Characteristics
    • What on earth does this have to do with protecting springs? Although I am sure Nestle/Perrier & Damone would be very interested.
  • Development Potential of the Ichetucknee Springshed, Columbia County, Florida
    • What kind of a protection of springs issue is this?
  • Establishing Minimum Flows for Springs in the SWFWMD: what will it take, how soon can it be done, and to what degree will it protect discharge?
    • What? This group has been on state payroll since 1999 and this hasn't been done?
  • The Bottled Water Industry and Florida’s Springs: Legal Issues of Resource Protection
    • I remind you Nestle is feeding them breakfast, lunch & snacks!
  • Effects of Nitrate Contamination on Reproduction, Growth, and Development of Animals Associated with Florida’s Springs
    • Awesome! Seven legged frogs! Two headed newts!? What? Now this is getting interesting!
  • Lyngbya Wollei Production as an Indicator of Groundwater Quality Changes in Florida Springs
    • Basic elementary science, pumping draws toxic waste drawdown. Beware Nestle is listening.
  • Results of Sampling for Selected Wastewater Constituents in Groundwater in the Silver Springs Basin North-Central, Florida
    • Nestle/Perrier bottles this one, makes me wonder...........
  • The True Cost of Restoring Kissengen Spring, Polk County, Florida
    • True cost to whom? Not my tax dollar, big phosphate dried it up big phosphate can "restore" it.
  • Development of a Spring Glossary and Classification System for Use in Florida
    • I have a list of the springs existing in the 1800’s, including their uses. I have a list of current springs and their uses. I also have a list of the springs destroyed and dead including details of their fate. I spent not a dime to accomplish this mission, just a little time on research, after all it is public information and easy to obtain. I feel it is my job as President of Save Our Springs to obtain information such as this. I work for free just as everyone else does in Save Our Springs and I enjoy my work, I certainly hope this little project doesn't require funding of public $$$$$$.
  • The Role of the Citizen – Grass Roots Effectiveness
    • Save Our Springs couldn't attend the annual Springs Task Force meeting due to the inflated admission fee , $70.00 per day is prime entertainment budget money for most , and $250.00 would sure buy a lot of paper & postage for SOS. We would have some left to get the scanner fixed.

Even if we had the money I could never encourage spending it so frivolously as attending a "welcome party for Nestle Waters.”

The SOS kids are a great inspiration! And a fresh delight. Come see them at Earth Day Hillsborough County Fl. 2004.

If you can help please send a dollar, or whatever you can afford to: Save Our Springs Inc. Box 174 Crystal Springs Fl. 33524



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