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USA TODAY—In the past, Perrier has reduced its production in times of drought, company spokeswoman Jane Lazgin says. Central Florida is experiencing it’s worst drought in history.

SOS—“Perrier has not only refused to reduce pumping at Crystal Springs, but has continued throughout the drought to ask for an increase of up to 6 times the current amount.”

USA TODAY—At Hillsborough River, Perrier says, the company takes less than 1% of the spring's flow.

SOS—“For this to be true, the spring flow would have to be more than 30 million gallons per day. The last USGA flow count was 15 million gallons per day and that was prior to central Florida’s worst recorded drought in history.”

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Nestle draws fire for plans to pump more water from North Florida springs
12.02.10 | Citizens in North Florida are gearing up for what many foresee as a drawn-out battle with Nestle Waters North America, the country’s largest water bottler, which recently completed test wells in Jefferson County as part of its process to determine whether to apply for a permit to begin withdrawing spring water from sites along the Wacissa River. If approved, the Nestle load station will serve as a supplemental water source, drawing approximately 400,000 gallons per day that will be transported 40 miles via tanker trucks to Nestle’s Madison Blue Springs bottling facility.

Nestle Waters CEOs named amoung "Corporate Scrooges" of the year by Co-op America
The dishonor is particularly pointed in this year of economic horrors, government bailouts and huge layoffs. Co-op America, a green economy group,announced the "awards." "These CEOs represent the worst of the worst when it comes to corporate insensitivity, avarice and callousness," said Victoria Kreha of Co-op America. "They need to be held accountable for their actions, which, in some cases, have inflicted appalling harm on consumers and our environment."Nestle Waters Chairman/CEO John Harris: For threatening to sue Miami-Dade County in Florida after it aired public service messages declaring its tap water was cheaper, safer and purer than bottled water.

Water Thieves Sponsor Florida Water Conference
Florida springs conference Feb. 4th & 5th being sponsored by Nestle Waters Group.

A View from Inside the Unconfined Karstified Floridan Aquifer with Implications for Ground Water Protection
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the potential magnitude and rate of direct river water intrusion to the Floridan aquifer in regions where the Floridan aquifer is unconfined and dissected by surface streams. Furthermore, the mechanisms responsible for this exchange process are outlined. Finally, it is the intent of this paper to demonstrate that, in such regions, there is no clear distinction between ground water and surface water.

Bottler says it would not harm spring
The chief concern, which is loudly echoed by environmentalists, is that a bottling operation would intercept water from the warm springs that are vital for manatees during the winter.

Florida Water sale will get state scrutiny
ORLANDO, FL — The surprise sale of the state's largest privately held utility still has many Florida officials upset.

Water authority isn't giving up on Florida Water purchase
PALM COAST, FL — While a coalition of Panhandle cities appear set to purchase Florida Water Services, the Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA) says its offer is still on the table.

State officials 'looking at' water deal
The surprise sale of the state's largest privately held utility to two Panhandle cities has piqued the interest of state officials who are looking into the deal.

Safe Drinking Water
Resources at risk: The long-term survival of safe drinking water and the underground geologic formations that supply 92 % of all drinking water in Florida.

Why a "Water War"?
Over 200 million gallons of groundwater each and every day are pumped from a region of not more than 400 square miles north of Tampa Bay. Imagine 200 million gallons of bottled water stacked up on a football field. 200 million gallons would rise over 6 feet high. Essentially, the size of a small lake. Every day, day in and day out, 365 days a year, a small lake is removed from the ground.

New River swim cut back because of concerns about polluted water
Organizers have scaled back plans for a Labor Day swim in the New River, citing increasing evidence that the river water isn't safe.

Enron subsidiary Azurix's failed attempt at Florida's water rights sends warning message
Little did most of us know that when Enron collapsed, it was due in large measure to an ill-fated campaign for control of Florida's drinking water.

Dead in the Water: Enron's grab for Florida's water was factor in collapse
While Jeb Bush was running for Florida's governor in the summer of 1998, Enron Corp., a fast-growing Houston energy broker, was diversifying into a potentially lucrative new field — privatization of water supplies. "The simple math is that there are a handful of states large enough population-wise and needy enough water-wise so that we could focus our energy there," said former Azurix managing director Chris Wasden.


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