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U.S. role revealed in 1998 Colombia bombing
Two Americans helped direct a bombing attack that killed 18 civilians, including seven children, in a small Colombian village, according to court records and a recently discovered videotape that reveals for the first time the depth of U.S. involvement in the incident.

US considers intervention in Colombia
For the people of Caqueta, the prospect of a US military incursion into the province is yet another nightmare. In the past year, since the collapse of the peace process, they have seen the suspension of local government and are living under a form of martial law.

Colombian rebels claim to hold Americans
Leftist rebels said for the first time Saturday they are holding three Americans hostage. The Americans were on a U.S. government plane on an intelligence mission when it crashed in southern Colombia on February 13. A fourth American and a Colombian army sergeant were shot and killed at the site.

US focus in Colombia expands from drugs to oil
In a sign of how important protecting oil has become to the US, 70 Army Green Berets are training Colombian soldiers how to guard a 500-mile stretch of oil pipeline in a lawless portion of the country.

Stop Bush's Oil War in Colombia
This week marked a new phase of the US war in Colombia. No more double speak, no more euphemisms, just good old fashion oil-igarchy straight talk. Why do we give military aid to one of Latin America's most brutal militaries? According to George Bush's new budget proposal $98 million is going to be used to protect US oil companies interests in Colombia, specifically Occidental Petroleum's Cano Limon pipeline.

U.S. fuels dirty war in Colombia
The Bush administration unveiled its proposed contribution to the death and destruction in Colombia.

Colombia's Oil War
In Colombia's northeast Norte de Santander province, the country's richest oil region, an indigenous people known as the U'wa are in a life and death struggle with Occidental Petroleum (OXY), one of the world's largest multinational oil companies. It's been going on since the early 1990s, when OXY began oil exploration plans that threaten to destroy the tribe s culture and way of life. The U'wa oppose oil drilling in their ancestral lands, saying that oil is "the blood of Mother Earth" and therefore must not be touched.

'Plan Colombia' and Mission Creep
In a sane world, such a failure of U.S. strategy should force policy makers to reconsider our involvement in Colombia -- or any country. But exactly the opposite is happening, as White House officials and some lawmakers on Capitol Hill are talking about actually deepening the U.S. role in Colombia.

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