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Ten Things to Know About Terrorism

Ten Things You Can Do to Prevent War

Ten Things You Should Know about U.S. Policy in the Middle East

Leading world religions
• Christianity: 1.97 billion
• Islam: 1.18 billion
• Hinduism: 799 million
• Buddhism: 355 million

Leading U.S. religions
• Christianity: 158 million
• Islam: 6.1 million
• Judaism: 6.1 million
• Buddhism: 4 million
• Hinduism: 1.3 million

More Detailed Information

"Civil disobedience is not our problem.

Our problem is civil obedience.

Our problem is that numbers of people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience. . .

Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty.

Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country.

That's our problem."

Howard Zinn,
"Failure to Quit", p. 45

U.S. Seeks Ability to 'Take Down' N. Korea Quickly
U.S. plans to transform allied forces at the Korean demilitarized zone would be aimed ensuring U.S. and South Korean forces could begin "taking down" the North's frontline from the first hour of a war, a senior U.S. defense official said Monday.

Lawmakers told of plan to expand nuke program
North Korea acknowledged it has nuclear weapons and plans to build more to protect its leaders from the fate of Iraq's Saddam Hussein, a U.S. congressman said yesterday after a visit to the communist nation.

US plans to confront N Korea on high seas
John Bolton, undersecretary for arms control, demonstrated in testimony to the House of Representatives that the Proliferation Security Initiative announced by President George W. Bush in Poland last week meant a tough new approach, particularly towards North Korea and Iran.

KCNA Warns of Possible Nuclear War on Korean Peninsula
The large-scale joint military exercises conducted by the United States and South Korea have made the situation on the Korean Peninsula more tense and a nuclear war may break out at any moment, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)said on Friday in a commentary.

US Sending Stealth F-117s To S Korea
The U.S air force said on Wednesday "Stealth" warplanes will arrive in South Korea this week for annual military drills which North Korea says are evidence of sinister U.S. plans for nuclear war.

North Korea warns US over carrier deployment
North Korea today reacted angrily to a US decision to deploy an aircraft carrier in waters around the Korean peninsula as part of the ongoing joint military drills with South Korea.

Missile test by North Korea tied to U.S. snub
North Korea test-fired a medium-range anti-ship missile Monday in another apparent attempt to bring the United States into direct talks on its nuclear program while Washington focuses on going to war in Iraq.

CIA says North Korea missile can reach U.S.
North Korea has an untested ballistic missile capable of reaching the western United States, intelligence officials said Wednesday.

War with N. Korea possible
President Bush said that if diplomacy failed he might be forced to turn to military options to prevent North Korea from making nuclear weapons.

Pyongyang: We'll put a torch to New York
"If American forces carry out a pre-emptive strike on the Yongbyon facility, North Korea will immediately target, carry the war to the US mainland," he said, adding that New York, Washington and Chicago would be "aflame".

U.S. Plotting a Nuclear Attack
North Korea on Sunday accused the United States of plotting a nuclear attack on the communist country and condemned Washington's decision to send additional long-range bombers to Guam.

Bush Makes a Mess of Korea
The North Koreans already are in desperate fear that Bush is going to attack them. When Bush told Woodward, "I loathe Kim Jong Il!," and when Bush called him a "pygmy," the President wasn't exactly engaging in diplomatic niceties. And granting North Korea charter membership in the "Axis of Evil" didn't tickle Pyongyang, either.

North Korea may test 2nd missile
Pyongyang says the current annual US-S. Korea war games are prelude to a military strike. South Korea and the United States would fight side by side if North Korea attacked, but recently they have disagreed about how to handle the situation.

Out of the Corner
There are no easy answers to the North Korean challenge, but the Bush team seems incapable of any answer at all -- or at least, of any coherent answer. The administration appears to have no next step in mind. As so often on key foreign policy issues, decision-making seems to have been paralyzed by internal disagreements. Passively, the United States now waits for North Korea's next provocative move, hoping that it will somehow backfire and thus rescue the administration from the corner into which it has painted itself.

Bush criticised over N Korea
A group of senior US Democrats has urged the Bush administration to begin direct talks with North Korea, warning that the secretive state poses a far greater threat of becoming a hostile nuclear power than Iraq.

North Korea condemns U.S. military exercises
After North Korean fighter jets intercepted a U.S. reconnaissance plane, the communist country said yesterday the threat of armed confrontation on the Korean Peninsula was growing because of what it called U.S. aggression.

U.S. orders 24 long-range bombers to Guam
The move is part of the U.S. Pacific Command's effort to maintain a robust military presence around the Korean Peninsula while forces are being built up in the Persian Gulf region. Officials say they intend to send a nonthreatening message to North Korea not to take advantage of the Iraqi situation and assume the U.S. military is distracted.

North Korea tests anti-ship cruise missiles
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea's (DPRK's) test launch on 24 February of two anti-ship cruise missiles is almost certainly an integral component of the Korean People's Navy's (KPN's) annual winter training.

Bush Seeks Coalition Effort on N. Korea
President Bush says North Korea must be convinced that it is wrong ``to be threatening the United States'' with a resumption of nuclear weapons development. In an interview with 14 newspapers from around the country, Bush noted Monday that efforts are under way to persuade China, Russia, South Korea and Japan to work with Washington in seeking a diplomatic solution to the standoff involving the nuclear weapons program.

`NK Missile Warhead Found in Alaska
The warhead of a long-range missile test-fired by North Korea was found in the U.S. state of Alaska, a report to the National Assembly revealed yesterday.

North Korea MIG's Intercept U.S. Plane on a Spy Mission
Officials said the reconnaissance missions would continue with U.S. fighter escorts

Bush War Fanatics are Planning for a Second Korean War
Bush fanatics are not satisfied with attacking Iraq. Now they are secretly making plans for a possible strike against North Korea--and, hence, risking another Korea War. [NOTE: North Korea, for its part, has never publicly acknowledged that it has a nuclear weapons program, saying only that it needs to restart its reactors because of an acute energy shortage. ]

North Korea crisis straining Washington's Asian alliances
The showdown between the U.S. and North Korea over that country's nuclear weapons program is severely testing Washington's oldest Asian alliances.

North Korea warns of nuclear war 'at any moment'
North Korea has warned the situation on its divided peninsula is so alarming that a nuclear war may break out at any moment.

North Korea Threatens to Pull Out of Armistice
North Korea threatened today to pull out of the 50-year-old armistice that ended the Korean War, raising the stakes in the increasingly tense war of words with the U.S.

North Korea 'will win nuke war'
In another verbal barrage aimed at Washington, North Korea says it will win any nuclear conflict with the United States thanks to Pyongyang's "army-first" political system.

North Korea Says it Could Strike American Targets Anywhere
A senior official in Pyongyang, told a news agency that North Korea had a right to self-defence and, if provoked, had the ability to strike American targets anywhere in the world.

If the US can Launch a Preemptive Strike, So Can We
"The United States says that after Iraq, we are next", said the deputy director Ri Pyong-gap, "but we have our own countermeasures. Pre-emptive attacks are not the exclusive right of the US."

'A Sea of Fire,' or Worse?
The North Korean nuclear crisis is far more perilous than many people realize.

The Time-Out Method Doesn't Work
For the past two years, the Bush administration has treated North Korea like a child throwing a tantrum.

The Anti-American Blowback from Bush's Korea Policy
Anti-Americanism has been on the rise since the end of the cold war due in part to a perception that the absence of a serious global security threat vitiates the need to tolerate U.S. arrogance and unilateralism.

North Korea is next
Tony Blair today pledged that after dealing with Iraq, the UN would confront North Korea about its nuclear weapons programme.

Bush's UN Critics Cite Korea to Block Iraq War
America's critics on the United Nations Security Council will try to stall a war against Iraq by urging President George W. Bush to adopt the same cautious approach towards Saddam Hussein as he has shown towards North Korea.

Anxious Ally Sees Bush's Hand Behind the Confrontation
Not for the first time since George Bush became president the United States is finding it a lot harder to deal with its friends than its enemies.

Games Nations Play
What game does the Bush administration think it's playing in Korea?

Bush's illogical foreign policy
The nuclear threat from North Korea reveals the limits of the Bush administration's illogical preemption doctrine

U.N. agency to rebuke N. Korea
Choe Jin Su, North Korea's ambassador to China, said North Korea has tried to seek dialogue with the United States while exercising self-restraint. "Running contrary to the main trend in the new century towards reconciliation and peace, the U.S. alone with their Cold War-style thinking is threatening us with nuclear weapons," Choe said.

Bush Plays Down Rift With Allies Over U.S. Stance on North Korea
President Bush discounted American differences with Asian nations on how to handle the nuclear standoff with North Korea.

Iraq Belongs on the Back Burner
North Korea's startling revival of its nuclear program is a compelling reason for President Bush to reassess the nation's priorities.

We Will "Destroy the Earth"
Pyongyang has threatened to "destroy the earth" if the United States attacks North Korea.

N Korea 'steps up' nuclear preparations
North Korea insists it needs the tiny experimental nuclear reactor for electricity. It said it would try to resolve differences with the US but warned of "merciless punishment" if Washington continued its "provocation".

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