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Bush pledges help for Filipino military
Washington, whose troops have trained Philippine units in counter-terrorism, recently designated Manila as a major non-NATO ally -- a move that will make it easier for the cash-strapped government to acquire U.S. military hardware. A top U.S. official said Manila was expected to contribute "hundreds of millions of dollars" to the military modernisation, with Washington to chip in an amount yet to be determined.

Corruption taints the Philippines
The attempted military coup might have been stopped if the government had addressed long-standing problems

The fourth world war
For two years, the U.S. has pursued the culprits behind the 9/11 atrocities with a vengeance that has shocked and awed ally and enemy alike. But even the devastating attacks on the Afghan and Iraqi regimes don't illustrate the true scope of the campaign, DOUG SAUNDERS reports. While everyone was preoccupied with the fireworks, Washington has quietly deployed thousands of agents in a secretive struggle that may last a lifetime

Historical Perspective: Give the Country the Facts
The country is tired of the Philippine War. It would like to close the account. Originally from The Atlantic Mlet onthly (Volume LXXXVII, page 424-426), Mar 1901.

U.S. war exercises reset to December
U.S. counterterrorism training aimed at crushing al-Qaeda-linked Moro rebels in the southern Philippines has been tentatively reset to December to ensure the U.S. troop presence doesn't violate the Philippine constitution, military officials said Thursday. ...story developing

No combat for U.S. troops
Philippine president nixes controversial plan after deadly airport explosion

CIA Caught Faking Terror in Philippines
The following set of three articles below unmasks both the Bush-Cheney
regime and its principal local partner, the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo-Angelo
Reyes government, of their lies that they are seriously fighting terrorism
here in the Philippines.

Secret deal with the U.S.
Pentagon sources were leaking like mad last week telling the Washington Post and other American newspapers that a 300-strong Green Beret unit would actually engage in fighting alongside Philippine troops in Sulu (sic). The plan jolted even Philippine legislators including those allied with the administration. They are all furious.

More U.S. troops head to Philippines
About 750 ground troops, including 350 Special Operations Forces, will conduct or support combat patrols in the rugged jungles of Sulu Province. In addition, about 1,000 marines armed with Cobra attack helicopters and Harrier AV-8B attack planes will stand ready aboard two ships offshore to act as a quick-response force and provide logistics and medical support. The first troops are expected to arrive within days, officials said.

U.S. Combat Force of 1,700 Is Headed to the Philippines
The United States will send more than 1,700 troops to the Philippines in the next few weeks

U.S. troops to fight in Philippines
The United States will send nearly 2,000 troops to the Philippines in the next few weeks

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